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Custom vinyl signage Australia

If you want your vehicle fleet signage to stand out, you have to go vinyl.

Vinyl wrapping and car styling is the ultimate way to create a custom look for you or your business. Whether you’re trying to show off your eccentric personality, or get more brand awareness around town, our vinyl car wraps can help.

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Industry leader in Australia 

No one knows vinyl better than we do. Our years of experience and access to the best materials ensure you get the best results.

Highest quality materials

 No more chips, scratches or wear and tear – our vinyl is made from the highest quality materials.

While it makes your vehicle look sharp, it also protects it minor dirt and debris that would otherwise damage the paintwork on your car. And you can choose from an endless selection of colours, textures and finishes from our three premium brands: 3M, Hexis and Avery.

Not only is it more affordable than respraying, it’s also more professional looking and longer lasting.

Because we only use the highest quality vinyl materials, you don’t have to worry about the wrap damaging the existing paint. Once it comes time for removal, the vinyl lifts off with ease and without harming the paint underneath. It’s ideal for those who are leasing a vehicle.

Benefits of vinyl wrapping

Sport a custom look

 Ensure your car is the only one on the road with your particular look anywhere in Australia.

Refresh appearance

 You can make an old car look new again when you use our customisation service. We can add tints or lighten windows, improve wheels and re-spray badges. We know how important your style is to you, so we take care with the details.

Protect what you have

 Vinyl wraps also act as protective armour for the paint underneath, meaning your vehicles retain value longer.

Click here to learn more about how vinyl car wraps can transform your vehicle.

How does it all work?

Curious about the vinyl wrap customisation process? It looks like this:

You select your vehicle signage or car wrap in the design stage. Once our team has finished the design, you have the chance to review and make adjustments before it’s brought to life on your car.

A full car wrap requires us to take your car apart so all areas can be reached to create a paint-like finish. Don’t worry, this is a meticulous process handled by our trained professionals. We are an accredited supplier for all vinyl manufacturers – you can trust our workmanship and installation.

Click here to learn more about how vinyl car wraps can transform your vehicle.