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What is Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrap is high quality self-adhesive material that comes in many finishes that can be used across a number of different applications. Some of the main uses are Vehicle Graphics, General Signage, POS signage, Commercial Spaces, Home Decorating and Customisation, Major Events and many more.

How long does a vinyl wrap last?

Vinyl comes in a variety of make ups to suit the specific project it is being used on. From short term signage designed to be used for up to 1 year all the way through to 7+ year premium vinyl mainly used for wrapping vehicles and other curved objects. There are a number of factors that can affect the life of your vinyl wrap. We use vinyl brands that we have been using for many years so understand how they perform under different conditions. The Australian climate can be harsh and this is a significant factor in outdoor installations and vehicle wraps. We only use high quality, tested products and install using the latest industry leading techniques. We will recommend the best vinyl to meet your needs and budget and assist you in understanding your vinyl choice.

Will vinyl wrap damage my walls?

When using the correct vinyl the answer is no, your walls will be completely unharmed by the vinyl. Depending on what surface the you are looking to wrap has you have a range of options in finishes and adhesive. For painted plaster walls we can provide completely removable products that won’t harm the current finish. For jobs with harsh surfaces such as bricks or concrete there are high tack options for a strong lasting application.

Do The Vinyl Wrap Co. install general signage onsite?

Yes, we have a fully qualified team of installers who install onsite signage for buildings, shop fit-outs, events etc. If you are wanting a vehicle wrapped we recommend the wrap takes place onsite at one of our facilities to ensure a controlled environment. This will produce the best results and allow us to provide a warranty.

What if I have a national project in several locations across Australia?

We produce and install projects nation wide so you can be assured the same quality outcomes no matter where the jobs is located. All of our installers are fully accredited and adhere to our strong commitment to industry leading processes. If you have a national fleet or project we assign you a dedicated account manager to ensure a smooth rollout across the country, giving you confidence that your brand will be presented consistently across the project.

Will a vinyl wrap damage the paint on my car?

If your paintwork is in good condition and is original OEM paintwork then the vinyl will actually act as a protection to the paint. It acts as a second skin helping to protect from chips and scratches as well as adding a barrier to the harsh UV of the Australian sun. Repaired and repainted vehicles will depend on whom by and how the repairs were carried out as to whether the finish will be affected by applying vinyl. Using qualified installers is paramount to ensuring your vehicle isn’t damaged during installation. Our industry leading practices ensure that there is no cutting near the paint or use of other methods which may compromise your vehicles finish.

What if my vehicles paint work isn’t in good condition?

If your paint is peeling, cracking, chaulking or the clear coat is damaged the vinyl will more than likely not stick or will fail as a result. A common misconception is that vinyl will cover scratches, chips or dents. This is not the case and in some instances vinyl can act to highlight this damage as it conforms to these imperfections. We recommend that a good coat of clear is mandatory before applying vinyl.

Vinyl Wrapping my vehicle vs Paint

Vinyl wrapping allows you to instantly change the look of your vehicle without permanent change. It allows for complete customisation that adds a protective layer over the current paintwork helping to maintain its condition for resale or if you decide to change back to the original colour. Vinyl also allows you to choose many finishes that aren’t available in paint such as carbon fibre, brushed aluminium, matte metallic and chrome. Both vinyl wrap and paint can be priced in similar ranges depending on what type of vehicle and finish is required and who is carrying out the work.

Can Vinyl Wrap be removed from my vehicle?

Yes, depending on what vinyl is used vinyl can be removed comfortably up to 5 years after installation. We recommend having a professional remove your wrap due to the process of using heat and understand how vinyl and the underlying paintwork reacts under different conditions.

What types and brand of vinyl do The Vinyl Wrap Co. use?

What vinyl we use depends on the type of vehicle and length of time the wrap is required to be installed for. Our preferred brands are Avery, 3M and Hexis and each of these have a wide variety of colours and finishes as well as materials for your digitally printed wraps.

Is my vehicle wrap covered under warranty?

Yes, all vinyl installed by us comes with a warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 12 month warranty on our installation workmanship. On the rare occasion there was to be an issue due to installation it is most likely to occur in the few months immediately after wrapping.

What if I don’t have my own artwork or design?

If you don’t have your own artwork it’s not a problem at all, we have a design team ready to assist in creating a design for you. If you have current branding elements such as a logo, fonts or corporate colours we can work with them to ensure consistency of your image.

Can I wrap my vehicles windows?

You can wrap some windows on your vehicle and we can advise as to current Australian law and regulations in relation to this. You also have the option of using one way vision which allows the outside of the vinyl to be printed on but it has a perforated finish with small holes allowing you to still see out of the window. There are strict regulations as to the size of the holes and what laminate can be used. All wraps we install comply with Australian Law and Safety Standards.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Once we have your artwork signed off the actually wrapping process will generally take 3-5 days for full wraps. If we are providing you with the design service as well a standard turn around from brief to completion is about 10 business days. We will work with you and your deadlines to provide realistic completion expectations whilst maintaining our high standards and quality assurance.

Can my wrap be repaired if I’m involved in an accident or the wrap is damaged?

If your vehicle was originally wrapped by us we keep all digitally printed work on file so we can reprint any part of your wrap that needs replacing producing the same result as the original. If it is one colour vinyl installed and we either installed it or can be provided with the brand we can match it  easily with the manufacturers product.

How do I care for my vehicle wrap?

We provide all customers with a ‘How to care for your wrap’ document that gives you all the information required to maintain the finish of your wrap. Click here to download the PDF