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Why wall wraps

What’s the difference between a white wall and a wall featuring an exciting design? White walls have been scientifically proven to increase negative emotions like anger and depression – and, they’re just down right boring.

Walls with more colour and art, on the other hand, now that can really lift the mood of the room!

Never watch paint dry again. Here’s what vinyl wall wraps can do for you.

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Features of vinyl wall wraps

 Big impact without damage

 A common misconception of vinyl wall wraps is that they will cause damage to the existing wall – but this is untrue. It is a self-adhesive and removable vinyl so it doesn’t cling to the wall like wallpaper glue or other adhesives. Once you are done using it, peel it off without a care.

 Easy DIY or use an installer

We offer full installation of our wall wraps, or for the do-it-yourself enthusiast we can provide a step-by-step guide.

Vinyl wall wraps aren’t like anything else you put on a wall – for most walls you don’t need any preparation. The premium textured or untextured finish makes for a professional looking job no matter who puts it up!

Green printing process

And don’t worry about harmful chemicals. Our printing process is green certified. That means there are no harsh solvents in the production of your wrap. It’s odourless and non-toxic so the wall wraps can go anywhere you like, even in a nursery.


 The vinyl material makes the wall wraps incredibly versatile – they can go on virtually any surface and in any room. They’re the perfect way to revitalise a room without having to spend a fortune on home renovations. Plus, the premium material makes the finished product look more expensive than it is.

Temporary application

The temporary application is ideal for a number of situations.

Leasing property: If you’re leasing a property but want to add some pizzazz to your space without upsetting the property owner.

Running a campaign: Add creativity to your store or business’ advertising by switching up the wall wraps for big campaigns or promotions you’re running.

Decorating a child’s room: A child’s tastes and preferences change a lot as they do. Using wall wraps, you can help them show off their personality without having to do a total room makeover.

Miscellaneous: Now that you’ve seen what a vinyl wall wrap can do to transform a room, what do you see yourself using it for?

To learn more about vinyl wall wraps, reach out to the team here at Vinyl Wrap Co. today.