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What vehicle wrapping can do for you

Eye catching, cost effective advertising around town – that’s what the Vinyl Wrap Co.’s vehicle wrapping in Australia can do for you.

Think about it: Vehicle wrapping is a non-aggressive way of marketing yourself as you go about your business around town. No matter where you are, you are reaching a wider audience – it’s the original form of mobile marketing. And in many ways, it’s much more effective than those intrusive push notifications!

With 20 plus years of industry experience, the Vinyl Wrap Co. has this industry figured out. Mobile marketing is an easy way to spread your word around Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or wherever you are in Australia, but it needs to be done correctly, otherwise you could be damaging your brand, and, for that matter, your vehicle.

Vinyl car wraps are your answer to mastering the delicate art of mobile marketing. And we’re the team that can get the job done for you.

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Benefits of vinyl vehicle signage

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These are just a few of the outstanding benefits of mobile marketing, but these benefits are nothing if your fleet signage is lacklustre. The quality of the materials can be the difference between a professional and someone who just has an ad on their car.

The quality of vinyl

Vinyl vehicle wraps aren’t just a superior way to advertise, they’re also a form of protection for your car.

As you drive around Australia, or even if you’re just parked at a job site, your vehicles are at risk of scratches and dents from debris. A layer of vinyl shields the car from this, and the vinyl bears the brunt of minor damage. Of course, if the vinyl is noticeably damaged, our team is able to easily remove the wrap from the vehicle without damaging the paint. We keep your print on file so we can easily replace any wrap. And, if your wrap wasn’t made by us, we have the tools and technology to match it as close as possible to the original.

This is ideal for owned and leased vehicles, as the car is kept in good condition should you ever need to trade or sell.

However, it’s important to note that if you are trying to wrap a car that already has scratches, chips or dents, the vinyl wrap can actually highlight these imperfections. If this is your situation, we can still work with you, however, we recommend a good coat of clear before applying the vinyl.

The solution for mobile marketing

Vinyl wrap is high quality self-adhesive material that is ideal for vehicle signage. The colour quality ensures you and your fleet are driving around town looking like the professional you are.

The vinyl comes in a variety of grades, so your signage can last anywhere from a year (for short term projects) through to seven plus years for your regular fleets.

Australia’s climate can be harsh on other signage materials, and can even be harsh on a regular paint job. Vinyl wraps protect the vehicle while looking sharp. Anything less could leave you looking unpolished and unprofessional.

Here’s how it works…

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The process begins with a consultation with one of our dedicated account managers. This person will be your point of contact throughout the whole process, available to assist you whenever you need. The initial consultation includes a discussion about requirements, scope of the job and recommendations on how to work within your budget.


From there, we put together a project brief and the design team works to create some concepts for you which can be original or include your own artwork. We’ll work with you to adjust the design until it’s something you’ll be proud to be driving around town in.


Once artwork is approved, we’ll run through a list of the design elements to ensure they meet your corporate branding requirements. Again, we’ll make any necessary alterations until you’re satisfied.


Then it’s on to production. Here, we select the vinyl that’s best suited for your requirements. Digital prints are produced via our eco-certified printers, free of harsh solvent inks. We use premium Avery & 3M vinyl that is then laminated – creating a product capable of withstanding the Australian climate, ensuring the colours stay rich over their lifetime.


Finally, our expert installers finish off the process with the highest quality finish. Our installers are required to have qualifications for onsite signage installation – including machine operation and use of elevated access equipment. A full wrap can take three to five days, though if we are providing you with a design service the whole project can take about 10 days.

Vehicle wrapping warranty

We are an accredited supplier for all market leading vinyl manufacturers ensuring your fleet receives the highest level warranty on wraps that are produced and installed by us.

Additionally, we are Green certified. This means when you choose us, you choose an environmentally friendly vehicle wrap. Our product is free of harsh solvent inks that other sign and wrap shops contain. This is signage that can be used anywhere from schools to hospitals through to government products.

Our vinyl comes with a warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 12 month warranty on our own workmanship and installation.

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